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Sometimes you need an

independent, unbiased voice

  • Someone who can speak frankly – who can tell you what you need to hear, even when it’s not what you prefer to hear.

  • Someone who can ask questions you haven’t considered – who can think out of the box because they dwell outside your box.


  • Someone who can see things through fresh eyes, prompt new insights and contribute innovative ideas.

  • Someone who can help you retool your thinking and help you take your organization to the next level.


With its focus in strategic, business and organizational development, the Bechtel Consulting Group has been guiding businesses to drive performance at all levels since 1991. We turn information into insight, and insight into strategy. We help leaders shift from reactive to proactive, uncover and seize opportunities, boost productivity, and fully leverage their people, their processes and their financial resources. We measure our success in increased revenue and improved margins.

The firm’s clientele has spanned the legal and financial ser­vices, distribution and manufacturing, health care, insurance, environmental, technology, architectural/ engineering, construction, real estate and nonprofit industries. We work tirelessly to understand clients’ perspectives, needs and opportunities. We partner with them in developing and delivering a long-term vision that will drive business growth.  We guide them in creating internal alignment behind commonly shared values and corporate goals, to maximize ROI.


The Marketing

Executive Roundtable

Collaborative Education

for Top-Tier Marketers

Celebrating its 20th year, the Marketing Executive Roundtable is comprised of senior-most marketing executives from leading organizations throughout the greater Seattle area.

The group meets monthly to exchange ideas and seek counsel on the important issues facing marketing leaders today. It has shown itself to be an invaluable resource to keep them abreast of best practices in today's turbulent waters.


If you or someone you know fits these qualifications and you'd like to learn more, please visit For  additional information or to explore membership, please contact MER Chair  Richard Bechtel (206-351-8604 or 

Guiding businesses
to drive performance from top to bottom
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