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The purpose of any business
is to create a customer.
                                            Peter Drucker

The Bechtel Consulting Group began with and has maintained an emphasis on marketing and business development throughout our history.  Founder Richard Bechtel formerly served as director of marketing in the legal and financial services industries, as well as chief marketing officer for a large manufacturing/distribution company.

Today, our work with clients spans three broad categories:


Market research and assessment

The Bechtel Consulting Group has extensive experience with both qualitative and quantitative market research, including surveys of all types, focus groups and executive interview projects. Founder Richard Bechtel gained his training from a doctoral program in the behavioral sciences, and has served as a quantitative research director in the public sector.

  • We have designed and conducted surveys to test the viability of new market segments, gauge existing customer needs, identify key personas, assess the impact of product features and measure customer satisfaction.

  • We have designed and moderated focus groups to explore issues and concepts in depth, and to lay the foundation for more precise survey deployment.

  • We have conducted comprehensive executive interview studies to gauge perceptions and uncover core drivers of decision making.

  • We have conducted internal surveys to obtain critical information in support of the strategic planning process.

Our research studies are grounded in the conviction that research results are only as good as the appropriateness and quality of the data gathered. Accordingly, our approach emphasizes careful collaboration – at the front end to understand the practical context and assure clarity of purpose, and at the back end to review research findings and assure that the right strategies are executed to deliver concrete results. We pride ourselves on our ability to straddle the gap between research data and the practical business context.

Customer Experience Mapping and Enhancement

Marketers have increasingly come to recognize that customer longevity and loyalty – which translate into repeat business – are driven not only by satisfaction with your products or services, but by every interaction that customers have with your organization. Their perceptions and evaluations of you begin with their very first contact, and extend through their initial purchase and beyond.

These realizations have given rise to a powerful area of focus within marketing called the Customer Experience. The approach consists of mapping the “touch points” that comprise the customer journey, or ecosystem, and then examining those internal factors – your people and processes – that influence the customer’s experience at each touch point, to shore up weaknesses and enhance the overall experience.

Mapping the customer experience and developing strategies to strengthen it is not a difficult process, but it is one that can benefit from facilitation and guidance. The Bechtel Consulting Group can guide your team to map the customer experience ecosystem, identify key touch points, identify gaps, weaknesses or opportunities, and then devise effective strategies to optimize the customer experience.  The results will be greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and a boost in repeat business and referrals.



Marketing program support

Our focus tends to lie at the strategic end of marketing. We assist clients in identifying and assessing their markets, and developing a marketing strategy that aligns with the organization’s strategic plan and assures an optimal application of resources, so as to maximize ROI.  In service to these objectives, we assist clients in a variety of areas including:

  • Identification of the organization’s chief competitive advantage(s)

  • Strategic positioning of the business and its products or services

  • Marketing strategy design​

  • Corporate and product branding

  • Identification, definition and assessment of key market segments

  • Design of core message strategies

Guiding businesses
to drive performance from top to bottom
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