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Motivation Is What Gets You Started.
Habit Is What Keeps You Going.
Jim Rohn
Author and Speaker

Whether you are in outside sales, inside sales, are a professional services provider or a project manager, if your role is client-facing, you are on the front line. How well you represent yourself and your organization, how well you are able to uncover and respond to unmet needs or opportunities, are critical to success.

Training has been a hallmark of the Bechtel Consulting Group since its foundation in 1991.  Today, we offer comprehensive mar-keting/sales, client relations and customer service training to clients in the services and nonprofit sectors, with a particular emphasis in the professional services.

Personal Marketing Dynamics

For many years, the Bechtel Consulting Group’s flagship “Personal Marketing Dynamics” training program has been guiding business development professionals to take their performance to a new level. Grounded in Neil Rackham’s celebrated SPIN Selling process, the program equips participants with the skills to obtain, strengthen and harvest client relationships, while reinforcing and building on existing knowledge and skills. It has been taught to corporate sales teams, as well as professional service providers, and has consistently been praised for its relevance, thoroughness and practicality.

Several features give “Personal Marketing Dynamics” a distinct edge over similar programs:

  • Its broad underpinnings which integrate strategic development, marketing and sales expertise, enabling us to embed the course material into the broader business context and assure its practical relevance.

  • A unique three-phased approach that incorporates front-end instruction followed by an interim period for participants to apply the techniques taught, and then small-group sessions to debrief on those experiences and embed the teachings in participants’ real-world contexts.

  • Its adaptability to match the circumstances and needs of each client organization. Individual components can be adapted to match client needs, and supplemental tools can be incorporated such as role-play exercises or script development.

  • Our ability to provide related support such as individual business development planning, individual coaching, time management training, or guidance in achieving alignment between marketing and sales objectives.

Based on the success of “Personal Marketing Dynamics,” we have introduced two other related training programs that incorporate some of the same effective principles but are geared to specific related environments.

Effective Client Relations

Attracting new clients is one thing. Keeping them is another. While there are some overlapping skills with sales training – the effective use of questions, for example – there is a good deal more to managing and protecting the relationship between the business and its important clients over time.

This one-day workshop is geared to all types of client-facing personnel, including professional service providers, project managers, customer support personnel and others whose interactions with clients are instrumental to assure client satisfaction and longevity.  It teaches the essential knowledge and tools to communicate skillfully and manage client relations more successfully, spanning such topics as navigating the relationship pyramid, active listening, working through conflicts, use of questions to diagnose needs, and reading & responding effectively to differing behavioral styles.

Superior Customer Service

Today, more than ever, customer service is a key determinant of customer loyalty and longevity.  In a recent American Express survey, 78% of respondents reported terminating a business relationship, and 61% said they went to a competitor, based on bad service. It’s estimated that the cost of bad customer service tops $84 billion in the U.S. alone.

Having been responsible for customer service as a chief marketing officer, BCG founder Richard Bechtel knows the pitfalls and challenges from the inside. Our Superior Customer Service half or full day training program covers the full range of requirements for superior customer service, from handling of routine inquiries to resolving more complex challenges. Bor-rowing from the Effective Client Relations program, it teaches the active listening, interactive and conflict resolution skills needed to communicate successfully with customers, whether face-to-face, over the phone or through email and other elec-tronic media. Beyond this, it dives into the use of questions to uncover and diagnose needs, as well as recognizing and responding effectively to differing behavioral styles. Participants will come away with a deeper under­standing of the dynamics involved, as well as the know-how to strengthen their performance. 

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