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A Wealth of Knowledge.

A Breadth of Skill.



We believe that, to produce optimal results, an organization must be structured and oriented in a way that responds decisively to the dynamics of its environment. To achieve this, the business must be driven by four key imperatives:

  1. Its strategic plan must be cohesive, concrete, realistic, actionable and up-to-date.

  2. Its business planning must be a dynamic ongoing process, not a periodic exercise.

  3. It's business model must be by design, not default, and aligned with long-term objectives.

  4. Its response to its external environment must be proactive, not reactive - integrated, not fragmented.

  5. Its leadership must be able to comprehend and enhance the functioning of the internal organizational network, to optimize performance.


Our role is to guide the Leadership to articulate the organization’s mission and vision, clarify its distinct identity, competitive advantages and strategic positioning, pinpoint obstacles and issues, and set forth long-term strategic goals and objectives.

From there, we work to create a roadmap that spells out where – and where not – to apply resources.  We help clients shift from reactive to proactive, uncover and seize opportunities, boost productivity, and fully leverage their people, their processes and their financial resources.

Our work with clients falls into four broad categories:

The Competitive Edge


"The Competitive Edge," is a monthly newsletter geared to helping you boost your strategic, organizational and mar-keting performance.  Our aim is to stimulate your own thinking, perhaps causing you to see things in a different light.


Following are links to recent issues. For more information, please contact Richard Bechtel ( or  206-351-8604. 

Jan 2019: Strategy - What It Is - and Isn't

Oct 2018: Newton’s Laws of Marketing

Aug 2018: Getting There First

July 2018:  The Bacon in Your Organizational Network

June 2018: The Widening Gap Between Buyer and Seller

May 2018: Are Your Orphans Accountable?

Encompassing mission and vision, strategic planning, strategic positioning and business modeling.

Encompassing marketing program design and support, market research and assessment, and customer experience mapping and enhancement.

Comprehensive training in marketing/sales, client relations and customer service.

Encompassing management process improvement and organizational network analysis.

Guiding businesses
to drive performance from top to bottom
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