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Strategic planning is not

a reaction to today.

It is an effort to shape


A passage from Lewis Carol’s beloved “Alice in Wonderland” harbors wisdom for business leaders:

  "Cheshire Puss,” Alice began, rather timidly, “would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?

   That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the cat.

  “I don't much care where,” Alice replied.

  “Then it doesn't matter which way you go,” said the cat.

Too often, business leaders discover the course they’ve followed only in retrospect. It is then that they realize their course was dictated more by circumstance than design.  In the process, they may have squandered resources, missed opportunities or muddied their central purpose and direction.

Strategic planning is forward looking.  It lays the foundation to determine your destination, your roadmap, and how you’ll know if you’ve succeeded. The benefits come not just from the plan, but from the planning process.  It is reflective.  It is heuristic.  It is incisive. It is inspirational.

Your strategic plan is your roadmap, the driver of your business model and the springboard for operational planning. It unites your leadership and creates internal alignment behind your vision, mission, key values and goals & objectives. It channels your resources to optimize ROI and drive the bottom line.  Perhaps most importantly, it strengthens Manage­ment's control over the business and helps stabilize its direction and growth.

The Bechtel Consulting Group has been engaged in strategic planning from its inception. We can guide the planning process from start to finish, or can assist with specific problem spots, as needed.  Among the services we offer are:

  • Mission, vision & core values clarification

  • Information gathering and assessment​​

  • Planning process facilitation​

  • Key issues identification

  • Core competencies and competitive advantage identification

  • Goal setting

  • Guidance in operational planning and driving of internal alignment


Related Services:

There are several other related types of assistance we provide, either in accordance with strategic planning or independently:

Quantitative and/or

qualitative research

Grounding your planning process in unbiased information, as opposed to conjecture, breeds confidence, peace of mind and, ultimately, greater success.  We are highly skilled in designing, conducting and analyzing surveys, focus groups and related forms of data gathering.

Business model design

Every organization has a business model, whether by design or default, comprised of some 8-9 elements that either work together or clash.  Exhibiting active control to see that these elements are properly aligned and functioning optimally assures the prudent use of resources, guards against needless revenue loss and enhances progress toward long-term strategic objectives. We can help you assess the alignment of your business model with your strategic plan, as well as the degree of cohesion among its constituent elements. We can then guide you in developing strategies to strengthen the business model and assure optimum performance.

Strategic positioning

Part and parcel to the development of the strategic plan is the determination of what position the organization seeks to occupy in the collective mind of the audiences it wishes to serve. The process begins with identification of the organization’s competitive advantage(s) – those aspects of your operation and/or product features that set you apart in a way that can be leveraged to create demand and customer loyalty. Your strategic plan must be compatible with your strategic position – that is, there must be a clear understanding of how your strategic position can be leveraged to accomplish your long-term goals.

Guiding businesses
to drive performance from top to bottom
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